The Dark Bloods Pack

The Dark Bloods Pack is a fun loving pack that is right now seeking active good pack members
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 NEWS ON THE PACK (from alpha female me)

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PostSubject: NEWS ON THE PACK (from alpha female me)   Fri Dec 18, 2009 10:24 am

this is a new thing going on with the pack now here is something new one thing that is going on now please lisen carefully this is IMPORTANT

new members:none yet
holiday pictures:going on
more pack stuff:nothing
pack sisters that well come in and feast for cristmas:yes!
any members that are active:YES!
new:this is new you might not get use to it their well be a change in the pack just one change when you go back to it their is something new posted you well see it..
alpha male active?:yes!

this is the news on the pack
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NEWS ON THE PACK (from alpha female me)
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