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 Domino's bio

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PostSubject: Domino's bio   Sun Dec 20, 2009 4:46 am

Name: Domino
Age: 4 human years
Wolf Breed: Arctic wolf
Gender: Male
Mate: Angel

Basic Discription of structer: Domino is a snowy white colourd wolf with black one black stripe on his muzzle and black on his paws due to charcole stains.

Personality Discription: a overal kind wolf and very calm aswell. He is sometimes hyper but not that often. he is also Stubborn with sertant things and somewhat headstrong.

History: Domino's history goes way back to a point were he doesn't want to remember. To those who guess his history right will become earn life trust.

Weeknesses: absolutly hates hot and dry places(deserts) and not the best with stenght. However stealth mixed with speed usually makes up for that.

Favorite color: Green!


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Domino's bio
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